Edward Seed - 1754

SEED, EDWARD. East Bradford. Yeoman.August 2, 1754. October 1, 1754. C. 508.Provides for wife Abigail including plantation during widowhood for maintaining the children who are not named. Test signed.Executors: Wife Abigail and brother Joseph Buffington.Wit: William Bennett, Evan Jones.* March 1, 1758 on petition of Joseph Buffington, Court approved James Trimble and James Marshall guardians of children, Abigail, Adam, Richard, George, James and Mary Seed.

from THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PA, by Futhey and Cope, Edward Seed married Abigail, dau of Richard Buffington, of East Bradford. He died 1754..thier children were Abigail, Adam, Richard, George, James, Mary.

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