Isaac Williams

WILLIAMS, ISAAC. Goshen.May 3, 1788. June 19, 1788.To wife Esther her heirs and assigns, plantation whereon I now dwell, containing by estimate, 127 acres, also stock, etc. Plantation in Goshen and Willistown, containing 110 acres and tract in Northumberland containing 301 acres to be sold and proceeds of remainder of estate dividedas follows: To wife 30. To Nephew Ellis Williams 50. To Mary, wife of Henry Lewis, 30, and 5 to each of her children, Esther and Enos. To Jonathan Davis 10, and to his daughter Esther Davis 5. To sister-in-law Elizabeth Williams 3. To nephew Joshua Williams 5. To niece Ann Williams 3. To sister Mary Garrett 10, and to her children 10 to be divided. To sister-in-law Lydia Williams 1. To nephew Jesse Williams 5 shillings. To nephew Isaac Williams 5. To niece Jane Jones 40 shillings. To Nathan Williams 15 shillings. To niece Lydia Williams 1. To cousin Lewis Williams 5. To my wife's grandson Davis Garrett 3. Executors: Wife Esther, nephew Ellis Williams, and Henry Lewis of Radnor. Letters to Esther and Ellis Williams, Lewis having renounced.Wit: James Garrett, Joseph Eldridge, Joshua Evans.

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